Jun 21, 2021

The answer for customers’ post-pandemic growing pains

by Melissa Enge • Regional Sales Rep, EMEA

How do you best convey your message within your customer base? Especially for something intangible like a process? You have a fantastic product but how do you ensure your message appeals to its recipient – your customer?  No two customers are alike, and within their organizations employees are at different structural levels performing different tasks with different needs they want met. For example, depending upon the reader of this post – you could choose from the following list of titles:

  • Title For Capex:  Your perfect asset for the post pandemic landscape
  • Title for Consultants:  Foodtainment for Front of the House dining
  • Title for Operations:  Seamless take out and dine in traffic with no jams!
  • Title for Chefs:  Double your dining pleasure.

The landscape in question is obviously the post-covid one. Diners have taken to ordering online in pandemic-monium and are carrying out their meals at unprecedented rates. Much of this business is completely new for restaurants who have added click and collect, drive thru or other online platforms as a new staple to their business.

With restaurants re-opening, diners are eager to get out of their own kitchen and back to their favorite haunts, enjoying plates they don’t need to later wash being brought to them by their favorite wait staff filled with colorful, flavorful and Instagram-worthy food. They want to walk into a restaurant and be seated as in pre-covid times. Jockeying for a position against multiple delivery people carrying oversized boxes on their backs which bump into everything is not on their menus. But how do restaurants avoid these serving bottlenecks?

Enter the Double Door stone hearth oven by Wood Stone


The traditional cooking in both the Mountain Series and the Fire Decks provide chefs with ample hearth space to load up pizzas, steaks, cast iron pans filled with your customers’ culinary desires. But here is the catch – the dual door structure allows chefs to pull from either side of the oven, so drive through/carry out business will be served from one door and your table service, in restaurant diners’ meals will be pulled from the other side of the oven.

This innovative, simple feature conveys a clear message across your entire organization.

Customer focused, Easy, fast, fresh and most importantly- profitable.








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