Apr 18, 2024



Oak&Stone Exterior

Nestled in the heart of the community, OAK & STONE redefines the classic tavern with a modern twist, inviting guests to craft their personal dining stories. Celebrated for its expansive self-serve beer wall, OAK & STONE boasts the region’s largest selection, focusing on American craft brews and beloved local options—perfect for the beer enthusiast eager to explore over 50 rotating choices.

Beyond the brews, the menu surprises and delights with its “made from scratch” philosophy. From artisanal pizzas that you can personalize to gourmet tavern fare, every dish is crafted from the freshest ingredients, ensuring a memorable culinary experience. Whether you’re in the mood for something light and refreshing or decadently indulgent, OAK & STONE offers a diverse menu that caters to all tastes.

From Oak & Stone:

We love our new Wood Stone OneRev oven!

We have been able to reduce labor, reduce waste, improve our cook times, and at the same time improve the consistency and quality of our pizzas. WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN!

With our old hearth ovens, we had cooks who would adjust the oven temp based on their ability to keep up, and constantly try to move pies in the oven- resulting in an uneven cook. Now the temperature cannot be manipulated, and the pies can’t be moved, and they come out consistently perfect to our spec every single time, in half the time. We have eliminated the waste of over/under-cooking and remaking pies. We have increased our capacity of pizzas per hour, and at the same time can do it with 1-2 less pizza cooks. I have worked with 4 other well-known brand ovens (including another rotating oven) and none can compare to what we have found with this oven. The results have been so significant, that we are in the process of retrofitting our other locations with this oven and putting it in all our new locations!

Vice President of Operations


Oak&Stone OneRev

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