Feb 14, 2014

La Place Marche du Monde

La Place is known around the world for their fresh approach to foodservice. Preparation happens fresh every day right in front of their guests as each station is a theatre of food and the Wood Stone oven is the main stage. Guests connect with the oven because of the appeal of flame and the authenticity of the food it makes.

Their philosophy is to think about an open air market with a loud mix of colors, shapes, smells and sounds. Every product is delivered before dawn straight from the farm, fresh from the auction and fish fresh from the morning catch. In this wonderful and tasty scene you can choose your own ingredients to be stir-fried in a wok or watch as the fresh made pizza with your toppings is slid into the Wood Stone oven.

Because they train their employees on the spot, it is a must to use equipment that is both easy to use and of the highest quality. With the Wood Stone oven they have that important combination. They are always happy to work closely with the Wood Stone company for feedback, training and support.

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