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Your oven was cured at the factory. However, in the course of shipment, storage and periods of inactivity the ceramic materials will absorb moisture. It is critical that the initial oven startup procedure below be followed to ensure that this moisture is driven from the ceramic in a slow, controlled fashion. This will minimize cracking and prevent dangerous steam spalling or other damage to the oven that could otherwise occur by bringing the oven to temperature rapidly. This cold oven start-up procedure must be followed the first time the oven is fired and/or if the oven has not been used for an extended period of time 

 WARNING: Failure to follow the cold oven start-up procedure can result in permanent damage to or failure of this appliance. Read and follow these instructions carefully!

  1. Toggle switch on right side of the mantel to turn oven ON.Touchscreen will light. 
  2. Touch the Settings icon, then select SERVICE. Password (1990) must be entered to access the Service screen. 
  3. Light the left and right radiant burners by moving the sliders to the right. Do not light other burners. 
  4. Use up/down arrows to adjust the flame height to the lowest setting (0%). 
  5. Run at this setting continuously until the floor temperature exceeds 280F, about 24-36 hours, depending on conditions. 
  6. Increase radiant flame height to 10% and continue to run for an additional 24 hours. This should bring the oven temperature to around 400F. 
  7. If, after 24 hours at 10% flame height, the oven has not exceeded 400F, increase the radiant flame height to 15% and let it continue to run. 
  8. Once the oven temperature has exceeded 400F, it is acceptable to exit service mode and start a cooking profile. This will enable the IR Burner and Decorative Flame Burner (if equipped) and heat the oven up to operating temperature. 

You may notice some condensation of water or water droplets running down the sides of the oven during the cold oven start-up procedure. This is a normal part of the process, and indicates that moisture is being driven from the oven ceramic. 

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