Aug 24, 2009

Cleaning Excessive Buildup from a Wood Stone Oven Floor

Wood Stone ovens are typically operated at temperatures which preclude the need for cleaning of the interior walls, ceiling (the dome) and floor of the oven. If, however, you routinely operate the oven at floor temperatures lower than 450 degrees Fahrenheit, you may notice a buildup on the interior walls and/or ceiling of the oven. If you operate below 525 you may notice some buildup on the floor. If this is the case, you may need to set up a periodic thermal cleaning of your oven.  The frequency of thermal cleaning will be determined by the amount of buildup experienced. The amount and rate of buildup will largely be determined by the type of wood burned to fuel the oven (if in a wood fired oven), operational details (such as if you are re-heating pizza slices and grease runoff from cheese is building up directly on the floor) and by how long the oven is operated at temperatures low enough to allow buildup to occur.

If you have an EXCESSIVE buildup on your oven floor, you can you use this video as a guide on how to clean the oven floor.

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