02.13.14 //Amici’s

WS-MS-7-RFG-IR // Amici's

Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria was conceived in the mid-1980’s by two of the Bay Area’s East Coast transplants, Peter Cooperstein from Boston, and Mike Forster from upstate New York. // READ MORE


WS-MS-7-RFG-IR // California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen

With over 200 ovens installed worldwide California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) is currently Wood Stone’s largest customer, but that wasn’t always the case. Prior to trying their first Wood Stone oven, CPK had used // READ MORE



Wolfgang Puck

In 1973, the 24 year old Austrian-born Wolfgang Puck packed his bags for America. With a variety of experience as a classically trained French chef in the master kitchens of several French restaurants, // READ MORE