06.17.14 //Wood Stone Loves Smart Trips!

Smart Trips

Back on January 1, 2008, Wood Stone joined another wonderful community, the Whatcom County Smart Trips community. We were looking to help the environment, foster healthy habits, and reduce traffic congestion. Moving through // READ MORE


Solar Panels

Wood Stone has Gone Solar!

Wood Stone has gone solar! A couple months ago, we completed the installation of 180 solar panels on the roof of our north building, with a peak rating of 45.9 kW. Fueled by our desire // READ MORE


Ski to Sea 2014

Ski to Sea 2014 – Wood Stone Ash Kickers

Wood Stone came through with a fantastic performance in this year’s Ski to Sea race. If you are unfamiliar with the Ski to Sea, it’s an annual relay race in Whatcom County that // READ MORE