Used Equipment Service Options

It’s true Wood Stone builds great equipment that lasts. In fact, our first oven is still in operation today!

If you have acquired a used oven and would like support, we have a number of support options you can purchase. Give us a call at 800.988.8103 with your Credit Card number, ask for Used Oven Support.

Oven History Report ($100)

This is the “Car Fax” of Wood Stone used ovens. It includes:

  • Original Oven Ship Date
  • List of Original Accessories and options ordered
  • Owner and Service History

Re-Installation Details & Support ($400)

Of course you can “Do-It-Yourself” and comb the resources on our website, but if you’d like a guiding hand in getting pointed in the right direction, this option is a great start.

  • Installation Manual for your model oven (including older versions for older controls when appropriate)
  • Venting guides for your specific model
  • A comprehensive guide to our website, detailing resources for facade tutorials, unloading, moving and other important installation details
  • 30 minutes of Technical Support by phone with a Wood Stone technician
  • 30 minutes of Chef Talk

Additional Technical or Chef Talk Support ($200 per hour)

Need more assistance? We can help.

  • Available in pre-purchased 30 minute ($100) increments

Visit The Wood Stone Test Kitchen ($1500 per day plus expenses)

Want to take your Stone Hearth Oven understanding to the next level? Here’s a way to visit the Wood Stone Test Kitchen and work with one of our Wood Stone Corporate Chefs

On-Site Chef Training ($3000 per day plus expenses)

Want a Wood Stone chef-on-site to train your team?