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Mountain Series Stucco Facades


Mountain Series Metal Facades


Mountain Series Stone Facades


Stucco Facades Stucco Facades Stone Facades
Wood Stone can provide the oven as “stucco-ready.” This means the oven is shipped ready for stucco application by your favorite artist. Wood Stone Mountain Series ovens can be done with a large variety of metal facades customized to fit. No matter which size or kitchen scenario you have, these ovens facilitate high volume, high quality food preparation. Looking for the traditional look for your stone pizza oven? Look and see how restaurants like Earls and Bay Leaves have adapted stunning stone facades to our oven

Mountain Series Brick Facades

Mountain Series Tile Facades


Brick Facades Tile Facades
This is another very traditional application for the very best in brick pizza ovens. Many restaurants add a touch of earthy style and class to their kitchens with a tried-and-true brick oven. Another easy way to create a unique look for your oven or rotisserie is to apply tile. See how Wolfgang Puck spices up his kitchens with Wood Stone ovens and tile.

Bistro Line Installs


Fire Deck Series Installs


bistroInstalls fireDeckInstalls
A collection of various Bistro Line installations.


A collection of various Fire Deck installations.