Bistro 4836


For scenarios requiring high production with limited space, it’s hard to beat the Wood Stone Bistro 4836. At a slender 36 inches deep, this gas-fired stone hearth oven gives all the theater and flavor of a wood-fired oven, but with a compact footprint and the ease and consistency of gas. Just like the other ovens in Wood Stone’s Bistro Line, the Bistro 4836 features 3-inch thick monolithic hearths and domes, cast from our proprietary ceramic material designed for high-temperature cooking. Built to last and made in the USA, the oven arrives fully constructed, ETL listed, and ready to install. With a black powder coat steel stand, and an upper half wrapped in stainless steel, the Bistro 4836 can be modified to accept any number of facade options. Add the excitement of an open flame to your cook line with the Bistro 4836.

Bistro 4836 Gallery