Double Door Option

Wood Stone offers Double Door options on Fire Deck Series and Mountain Series ovens.

With the Double Door option, access is available from both the front and the rear of select Fire Deck ovens. Depending on your kitchen layout, this can mean an increase in production efficiency.

Please note that having two openings does decrease your production capacity because the additional opening removes some dome mass and can allow ambient air to affect floor temperature. This change in oven production capacity should be taken into account when choosing the appropriately sized oven. Fire Deck 9660 and larger models are available with a smaller second operational doorway for less heat loss.

illustrated here is a multiple doorway configuration for a number of Fire Deck Series ovens. The gray mantle represents the “control door” side, where the oven controls are located. The yellow mantle represents a vented, functioning doorway with mantle.

The orange bars represent radiant burner positions for gas-fired configurations. A wood-fired oven can have multiple doorways as well. With multiple doorways, each must be vented in accordance with all relevant local and national codes, and in a manner acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.


8645-DD 9660-DD 9690-DD

WS-FD-8645-RFG-LR-IR-DD shown.

WS-FD-9660-RFG-LR-IR-DD shown.

WS-FD-9690-RFG-LL-IR-DD shown.

FD-8645-DD FD-9660-DD FD-9690-DD

Standard configuration of WS-FD-8645-DD model

Standard configuration of
WS-FD-9660-DD and FD-11260-DD models

LL or RR burner positions shown.
WS-FD-9690-DD, FD-11275-DD
& FD-11290-DD models


You can also find this information in our Fire Deck Series Double Door PDF file.