The oven is the centerpiece. When you walk in, it gives you that ‘wow’ moment because you can see the flames through the arch. – On Campus Hospitality, October 2013

Alison Bonsell
Director of Housing and Food Services
Penn State
University Park, PA
Mt. Baker


I really felt that the brick oven was key to make sure the students were very satisfied. From an operation perspective, it really helps us balance out the cost of the added variety. Particularly in our salad bar and other areas, but we have added so many more items, luckily, they are directed toward pizza, which [is] one of our least expensive items. – On Campus Hospitality, July 2013

Kristina Coble
General Manager of Dining Services with Aramark
Albright College
Reading, PA
Mt. Rainer


We really wanted to give the facility that ‘wow’ factor. The president of our university, Dr. Joseph M. Stowell, suggested getting the pizza oven. So, with his insight, and after going around to other colleges and universities to check to see what the competition was doing, we chose to add one. It has been great. Everyone has just been overwhelmed with how wonderful it is. Students have shown excitement and enthusiasm for the upgrades. We have seen numbers increase per meal, and students now spend more time lingering over meals and enjoying study groups in the Dining Room. We have received many positive comments from our students; they love the fresh vegetables in particular, have verbally complimented the additional meal options and are great fans of our artisan pizzas. – On Campus Hospitality, July 2012

Cindy Wilthiess
Director of Cornerstone University Food Service
Cornerstone University
Grand Rapids Charter Township, MI
Mt. Baker


The [oven] in my [St. Martha’s brasserie D’Orleans] restaurant can do almost everything, from broiling steaks and salmon to flatbreads and omelets. It’s nice, because you have three of four natural temperature zones so you can use different placements for different foods at the same time; you can cook something quickly or slowly, warm it or finish it. You can’t do that with a thermostatic-based oven. – Foodservice and Hospitality, October 2013

Doug Feltmate
Restaurateur and Director of Foodservice & Hospitality for Genivar
St. Martha’s Brasserie D’Orleans
Ottawa, ON
Fire Deck 6045


The prominently positioned pizza oven is a focal point of the design and experience. – Foodservice Equipment and Supplies, March 2013

Rosie Carraba
The Original Carrabba’s
Houston, TX
Mt. Baker


The brick oven menu items are always among the star menu items, and customers can see the flames shooting up as they enter and come to see what is baking. – Foodservice Equipment and Supplies, August 2012

Robert Fox
Danforth’s Foodservice Director
University of Rochester, NY
Mt. Adams


In one of our stations we have two Wood Stone tandoor ovens, which we use for lunch and dinner. We make naan daily and use the ovens for a variety of skewered curried items—salmon, marinated meats, etc. They’re extremely high-heat ovens [900 degrees F] so you get this crunchiness on the outside of the foods you cook that students love. Tandoori is very popular. – Foodservice Equipment and Supplies, July, 2013

David Davenport
Director of Dining from Aramark
Boston University
Tandoor Oven – 35”


…The centerpiece of the facility is a brick oven from Wood Stone. “It was a difficult piece of equipment for me to embrace because it was one of the most expensive pieces we put in,” she said. “I actually flew out to Bellingham, Wash., with my chef, because I just wasn’t sold on it. I spent a day there and was just amazed by the things you could do – you can do anything in it. We are just now beginning to test the limits of the oven and we are nowhere near capacity. It is phenomenal what you can do out of it. We are doing artisan breads. We are doing dessert. We are doing some overnight cooking with the residual heat. We ended up actually going for a bigger-size oven.” – On Campus Hospitality, March 2009

Christine Schwartz
Dining Services Director
Bates College
Lewiston, ME
Mt. Baker Dual Gas Oven


I became a fan of Wood Stone years ago after visiting the factory. I was so impressed with Wood Stone that at Firebirds Wood Fired Grill we updated our existing grills with the Wood Stone grills. We have enclosed the grill in glass so guests have an opportunity to see the time and care we put into preparing their food over an open flame. We absolutely love our wood-fired grill.

Steven Sturm
Executive Corporate Chef
Firebirds Restaurants
Charlotte, NC
Mt. St. Helens Shallow-Box Charbroiler


A most positive experience to help us maximize the potential of our oven. You have a great team of professionals to train and help us as clients. All end-users should have this experience.

Jay Oberst
University of Utah Hospital
Salt Lake City, UT
Mt. Baker Gas-Fired Oven


I am the proud owner of six Wood Stone pizza ovens. Buying a pizza oven from the folks at Wood Stone is like going out to dinner with a best friend – enjoyable and predictable. The company is committed to designing and building the best ovens on the market, and they live by the “constant improvement” mantra every day. Wood Stone employees are masters at blending cutting edge technology with world class customer service. The company’s culture is unmatched and enviable.

Joe Fugere
Tutta Bella Neapolitan Pizzeria
MS and FD Ovens


We use the oven to bake bread every morning, make sauce, caramelize onions, roast peppers, broil leeks, make chutney, candy nuts, braise meats, and we’ve made about 100,000 pizzas in the 3 years we’ve been open.

Bob Marshall
The Biga Pizza, Missoula, MT
Mt. Baker Gas-Fired Oven


Thank you for exceeding my expectations and helping to make my vision a reality. Phenomenal!

Marty Munden
Corvina Marketplace
Austin, TX
Coal-Fired Fire Deck 9660


With 42 years in the industry I’ve used just about every type of oven out there. Our Wood Stone is at the top of the list for quality, durability and support. Our casino location demands high volume, fast bake times and long hours of service. Wood Stone ovens were a perfect fit.

John Arena
Metro Pizza
Las Vegas, NV
Fire Deck 8645


Fireside Pies has been extremely pleased with both the product and service provided by Wood Stone Ovens. We were blown away by the support Wood Stone gave our company by sending Phil Eaton out to Dallas to visit our restaurants and provide extra training with our management team. He was very knowledgeable about their products and even converted our ovens so that they would work better for our restaurants. We will continue to purchase our equipment from Wood Stone as long as we are in the restaurant business!

Taryn Anderson
Fireside Pies, TX
Mt. Adams and Mt Rainer Ovens


When we first met Wood Stone at the Pizza Expo ten years ago, we were instantly impressed. Their knowledge, experience and friendliness were immediately apparent. Not only does Wood Stone make great ovens; they also have knowledgeable, helpful – and nice – people who help us solve our problems. From cooking and recipes, to ventilation, troubleshooting, and technical support, Wood Stone people have always amazed us with their willingness and ability to help get the most out of our ovens.

Mike Forter
Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria
20+ Wood Stone Ovens


If I could only have one piece of cooking equipment in my kitchen, it would be my Wood Stone oven.

Wolfgang Puck
90+ Wood Stone Ovens


Wood Stone Family—I want to thank you all for your incredible hospitality and for doing what you do! I have always been a fan of Wood Stone, yet now I am a disciple. As a culinarian, your ovens open up a world of possibilities that seem endless. We are looking forward to using the training tools on the website to help educate our students and we can’t wait to CRANK up our oven!

Dany Mitchell
Edmonds Community College
Edmonds, WA
Mt. Adams Gas-Fired Oven


Stone hearth cooking has had a big surge in popularity over the past couple of decades. And the case could be made that Wood Stone’s wood/gas-fired stone-hearth ovens are a major reason. Whether you’re looking to purchase a stone hearth oven or another piece of specialty equipment – Wood Stone is the company to turn to. I’ve been a fan for over 15 years!

Kathy Casey
Kathy Casey Food Studios
Mt.Adams Gas-Fired Oven


I surround myself with talented and very opinionated chefs in my business as the principal of an international culinary consulting firm.  Wood Stone equipment gets more recommendations from all of us when talking to other chefs; more than any other piece of equipment.  A showpiece in many of our restaurant kitchens, the reliability, product quality, versatility for our menus and the overall consistency in quality service make this Wood Stone oven number one in many of our restaurants as well as our kitchens at home.

Claudia Sutherland
When the Mood is Food, LLC
Edina, MN
Bistro Home 4343


Thanks for showcasing the potential of our newly purchased oven. We hope to do it justice in Dubai and the Middle East. Shuk-ran!! (Thank you in Arabic)

Paul Barbone and Roberta Wiens
International Trading Franchises LLC
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Mt.Adams Gas-Fired Oven


Visiting the Wood Stone Factory was a very positive experience and will help us to maximize the potential of our oven. Wood Stone has a great team of professionals to train and help us as clients. All end-users should have this experience.

Jay Oberst
University of Utah Hospital
Salt Lake City, Utah
Mt. Baker Gas-Fired Oven