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11.28.11 //Wood Stone’s Thanksgiving Feast 2011

Wood Stone’s Annual Thanksgiving Feast was a resounding success! 9 turkeys, 50 pounds of potatoes, stuffing, countless baskets of bread, the ever-popular green bean casserole, plates of antipasti, bowls up on bowls of amazing salads and // READ MORE


Wood Stone Staff Picnic 2011

Let it be known: Wood Stone knows how to throw a great party! This year’s staff picnic was no exception. A “fiesta” theme greeted employees as they entered the Birch Bay State Park // READ MORE


Wood Stone’s Presidents turn 60!

And what a party it was! Appropriately 60s-themed, the family, friends and staff at Wood Stone came together last Saturday to celebrate this milestone birthday for both Keith and Harry. Entertainment ranged from a // READ MORE