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11.09.09 //The Truth About Under Floor Burners – Wood Stone Infrared Technology

Wood Stone offers ovens in wood, wood-gas combination, and gas only configurations. In addition, most Wood Stone ovens can be equipped with a thermostatically controlled infrared (under floor) burner option – which makes // READ MORE


Wood Stone and Coal-Fired Pizza

Interest in coal-fired pizza in the U.S. is back! Both pizza lovers and pizzeria operators are clamoring to recapture the original North American pizza experience, but working with a coal-fired oven isn’t for // READ MORE


Cleaning Excessive Buildup from a Wood Stone Oven Floor

Wood Stone ovens are typically operated at temperatures which preclude the need for cleaning of the interior walls, ceiling (the dome) and floor of the oven. If, however, you routinely operate the oven // READ MORE