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Meet the Sales Team

Meet our award-winning sales and customer service team.

Paul Wright
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Paul Wright

Sales & Customer Support

Paul joined the startup team as an unpaid intern in 1990 after toasting chili with cheese for 4 welders on oven #1 in 45 seconds.

“As an experienced, boots-on-the-ground cook, It amazed me. In that short minute, I saw Stone Hearth Ovens evolve from a romantic conversation piece to a high production professional asset for chefs chasing sincerity and authenticity.”

For the next 3 years Paul worked inside sales, as office manager, shipping coordinator, casting and assembly; usually all before lunch. These days Paul still enjoys talking to new customers, helping them pick the right oven and lending advice on installation and operations.

What fuels his passion?

  • Renovating his cabin in the hills
  • Playing with the 2-ton Wood Stone oven in his living room
  • Reading words on paper