Factory Prepared for Field Facade Application (Facade-Ready)


There are a virtually unlimited number of design possibilities available when integrating a Wood Stone oven into  your kitchen. The facade can be finished with any non-combustible decorative material that can be affixed to the oven surface, including tile, stone or brick. (It is always advisable to consult with the appropriate authority having jurisdiction before proceeding as there may be regulations regarding the suitability of various materials.)

With the facade-ready option, we apply a non-combustible cement board directly to the oven so that when it arrives, you and your contractor can immediately begin applying your finished surface using a high-temperature adhesive. The area prepared for facade material can be on just the front (standard), or on the sides and rear upon request.

For additional details, view our Facade Tutorial section. You can also find this (and all additional custom finish information) in the Product Catalog.

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