Wood Stone Ovens

Have questions? Find answers to our most commonly-asked ones below.

General Questions

How much does your equipment cost? Where can I buy it?

Wood Stone does not sell equipment directly to end users.  Our products are available through restaurant equipment dealers.  If you are not currently working with a dealer, please contact the Wood Stone factory representative closest to you, and they will introduce you to one. Call us at 1.800.988.8103 with questions.

What is the average lead time on a piece of equipment?

Wood Stone equipment is usually built to order.  For a price quote or lead time estimate, please request a quote through a restaurant equipment dealer.

Where can I buy tools & accessories? Can I purchase online?

Wood Stone tools and accessories can be purchased from any of our authorized dealers.  You can also purchase direct from the factory, via our online shopping cart or by calling us directly at 1.800.988.8103.

Where can I purchase replacement parts?

Parts can be ordered directly from Wood Stone by calling 1.800.988.8103.

Can you make me a custom piece of equipment?

For custom offerings, Wood Stone is happy to introduce our Designer Series ovens and Specialty Grills.

What is the difference between fuel types – is wood fired really better?

Countless blind taste tests have confirmed for us that there is little appreciable difference in flavor.  In our opinion, it is open flame (of any kind) and the stone itself that create the wonderful flavor profiles that have long been associated with wood fire.  However, the theater and marketing power of a live wood fire cannot be underestimated.

Who do I contact for service, during and after the warranty period?

You can reach our service team 24/7 by calling 800.988.8103. During office hours, you can also reach us at 360.650.1111. During the Warranty period, you must contact Wood Stone directly for service.  We will arrange for service with one of our authorized service agents.  After the warranty period, you are free to utilize whichever service agency you prefer.


How much gas does a Wood Stone oven use?

The gas usage will vary greatly depending on your oven model, fuel type, usage, and even what you are cooking. However, as a reference point, a WS-MH-5-RFG-IR using natural gas rated at 188,000 BTU/hr (1.88therms/hr) with a temperature range of 550F-600F (285C-315C), with two hours of heat up time and four hours of cooking, might average around 675,000 BTU daily (6.75 therms/day or 1.125 therms/hr). For more detailed information, follow this link that explains the Average Gas Consumption vs Gas Utility Requirements.

What sets Wood Stone apart from the competition (and why does it cost more)?

For a detailed explanation of what make Wood Stone special, please view our points of difference.

How do I clean my oven?

Wood Stone ovens are typically operated at temperatures which preclude the need for cleaning of the interior walls and ceiling (the dome) of the oven. If, however, you routinely operate the oven at floor temperatures lower than 450 °F, you may notice a buildup on the interior walls and/or ceiling of the oven. If this is the case, use this procedure to periodically clean the oven.

My oven has a crack - is this normal?

We can assure you that ceramic cracks are normal. Cracking is something we expect to see in all of our ovens, due to the large amount of ceramic material and monolithic design (we cast the floors and domes as single pieces). Thermal cycling of the oven causes expansion and contraction of the ceramic floor and dome, resulting in some cracking as the oven “settles into place”. Our ovens are structurally engineered to accommodate such cracking, and this will not affect your oven’s performance or longevity. We are more than happy to review photos and/or video of your oven. If you do send photos for review (info@woodstone.net) , please include an item for “scale” (a penny or quarter) next to the area of concern, we will be able to assess the area more accurately. For additional detailed information about cracks, click here.

What facade/finish options are available?

If you can dream it, you can do it!  For a gallery of what is possible, see our installation photo gallery.  Wood Stone has a variety of standard and custom finishing options, and can also provide facade extensions for our Mountain Series ovens to help out.  For a few tutorials, click here.

What are the venting requirements for your ovens? Do they need hoods?

Most Wood Stone ovens can be vented with either a Type 1 hood or by direct connection of a grease duct – the final determination of what is allowed will be made by the local authority having jurisdiction, so please submit venting plans for approval before installation. For more specific info on venting, see the Installation and Operation Manual for your specific model.

How are your ovens insulated? What are the required installation clearances?

Wood Stone uses a combination of rigid ceramic and spun ceramic fiber insulation – these advanced materials allow us to have a much lower clearance to combustibles than competitors' ovens.  Most Wood Stone equipment requires only 1” side clearance to combustibles, and 0” to non-combustibles.  For more detailed information on a specific piece of equipment, consult that units Installation and Operations Manual.

Can the oven fit through a standard doorway? What options are available for installation?

Wood Stone has come up with many creative solutions for installation over the years.  For more info, see our Installations Solutions page.

What do I need to do when starting the oven for the first time?

Initial Start Up procedure can vary for each piece of equipment.  For detailed information, please consult your unit's Installation and Operations Manual.

What other things can the oven cook besides pizza?

Wood Stone ovens are very versatile and can be used for a variety of applications – for more info and ideas, see our recipe section or video library.

How much does the oven weigh? How does it distribute its weight?

Information about oven weights and load distribution can be found here.

Can I put a Wood Stone oven in my home?

Certainly!  Many customers have loved Wood Stone so much, they had to have one for the home.  To that end, we have created a line of ovens for residential use – Wood Stone Home.