Pizza Rotation – Mountain Series


Cooking Education: Pizza Rotation for 1 Pizza

With a basic understanding of a few key points, cooking pizzas in a Wood Stone Fire Deck Series stone hearth oven is easy.

The following example represents a Mt. Adams 5′ gas-fired oven, but the concept can be adapted to any Mountain Series oven. The Mt. Baker 6′ and Mt. Rainier 7‘ ovens will have larger zones, while the Mt. Chuckanut 4′ will have smaller zones. Pizzas shown are approximately ten to twelve inches in diameter.

1 2
1. Position Pizza in raw landing zone. 2. Let pizzas cook for 2-3 minutes.
3 Pizza Rotation for 1 Pizza
3. As the side of pie towards burner flame finishes, rotate the less baked side towards the burner flame. Position in the finishing zone. IMPORTANT NOTE ON ROTATION:
When ready to turn, the pizza can move from any position in the raw landing zone to any position in the finishing zone.
4. Cook until crust is baked sufficiently on top and bottom, then remove the finished pie.