Wood Stone Ovens

A collection of recipes for your Wood Stone equipment.

Clams Cataplana

Serves 4

A cataplana is a Portuguese cooking vessel that looks a bit like two copper woks joined by a hinge. Generally cataplanas are used to steam clams and other seafood, the idea being that the lid remains closed for the steaming process and can be opened at the table for an impressive presentation. We found ours at The Spanish Table in Seattle. Clams cataplana is meant to be eaten with your fingers and shared amongst friends, so be prepared with a dry side towel for your guests


  • 5 oz. fresh Manila clams
  • 3 oz. Marinated Mediterranean Vegetables
  • 4 wedges lime or lemon


  1. Purge and rinse the clams, then place them in the bottom of a cataplana. Add the vegetable blend and close the lid of the cataplana.
  2. Place the closed cataplana in the searing/sauté zone of the oven for about 7 to 8 minutes, or until the clams begin to open. Remove the cataplana from the oven.
  3. Serve on a large platter with lime or lemon wedges, and a few slices of fresh baked Focaccia to mop up the juices..