Wood Stone Ovens

A collection of recipes for your Wood Stone equipment.

Bianca Pizza with Artisan Bread Baker's Dough

Makes 1 ea. 10-12 in. pizza This elegant “white” pizza has endless possibilities and variations. Pizza Bianca becomes more exotic with the addition of infused oils, pancetta, or a vibrant garnish of fresh arugula.


  • 1 ea. 10-oz. Artisan Bread Baker's Dough ball
  • 2 oz. extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 oz. fresh ricotta cheese (we suggest Grande brand)
  • 1 oz. Gorgonzola cheese, crumbled
  • Italian Seasoning, to taste
  • Pecorino romano cheese, to taste


  1. Oven Temperature: 570-600 degrees
  2. Flour both sides of the dough ball and gently open the ball by hand to the desired thickness. Generally a 10-oz. dough ball will make a 10-12-in. pizza.
  3. Brush the olive oil over the surface of the shell, within 1⁄4-in. of the edge.
  4. Place small dollops of ricotta evenly over the olive oil, followed by the gorgonzola. Take care to ensure that each slice of pizza will have a bit of both kinds of cheese. Sprinkle the pizza with Italian Seasoning and Pecorino romano.
  5. Transfer the pizza onto a large peel and land it in the raw landing zone of the oven. Once the pizza begins to color nicely on the side closest to the flame, rotate it 180° and move it one pizza length closer to the flame, into the finishing zone.
  6. Once the side closest to the flame colors, and the top and bottom color of the pizza is balanced, remove the pizza from the oven using a large peel. Transfer the pizza to a cooling screen for about 1 minute to prevent sweating, then move it to a pizza board and slice into pieces. Total bake time will be about 4 minutes.

Artisan Bread Baker's Dough

Our specially created recipe for those more committed to the artisan doughmaking process. At a total of 73% hydration, this dough is tricky to work with but the results are well worth the time and effort! Yield 27 lbs.
Direction Ingredient Brand and/or Description Quantity Metric Baker's %
A Water 3 lbs. 1.36 kg. 100
A Flour Harvest King 2.75 lbs. 1.24 kg. 91.7
A Flour Emmer .25 lbs. .113 kg. 8.3
A Yeast SAF instant 1/2 tsp. 2 g. 0.15
B Poolish all
B Water 4.3 lbs. 1.95 kg. 61.4
B Flour Harvest King 6 lbs. 2.72 kg. 85.7
B Flour Semolina #1 1 lbs. .45 kg. 14.3
B Yeast SAF instant 1 tsp. 4 g. 0.13
C Salt Kosher 3 oz. 85 g. 2.68
A Put all A ingredients for poolish in order in mixing bowl. Mix until just incorporated.
Cover and retard overnight 16-20 hours.
B In a mixer combine all "B" ingredients just until incorporated. Let rest 20-30 minutes.
C Add salt and mix for 3-4 minutes.
D Remove dough from mixer. Place in a large well oiled container. Fold 1/3 of each
end of the dough towards the center (letter fold). Cover and allow to rest one hour.
E Letter fold and rest one more hour. Repeat this step one more time.
De-gas/knock down the dough well. Rest for 20 minutes.
Weigh, shape and oil the dough. Refrigerate covered overnight.
Remove from refrigerator, allow to temper two hours before baking.