Wood Stone Ovens

A collection of recipes for your Wood Stone equipment.

Benedict Pizza with Coal-Fired East Coast Dough

Serves 4-6 We’ve found an appreciative audience in this sophisticated slant on the idea of pizza for breakfast. The ingredients are the stuff of classic breakfasts— eggs, bacon, bread–it’s only in their preparation where things get interesting. When we make this recipe in the test kitchen, we like to dress it up by drizzling a bit of hollandaise sauce over the eggs after the pizza comes out of the oven.


  • 1 ea. 10-oz. Coal-Fired East Coast Dough ball
  • 4 Tbsp. pesto
  • 4 oz. Canadian bacon
  • 3 ea. eggs, tempered
  • 2 oz mozzerella/provolone blend cheese (we suggest Grande brand)


  1. Oven Temperature: 570-600 degrees
  2. Flour both sides of the dough ball and begin to open the ball by stretching it with the palms of your hands.
  3. Using the thumb and pointer finger of both hands, placing them about 1/2-in. from the edge of the dough, begin pressing fingers firmly together while rotating the ball. Your goal while rotating and pressing the dough is to leave a 1/4-in. lip all the way around the dough ball.
  4. Once the dough is uniformly thin, toss the dough ball until it reaches a circular diameter of about 10-12 inches.
  5. Lightly dust your work surface with flour and set the dough upon it. Gently spread the dough with pesto within 1/2-in. from the edge of the dough, then layer the Canadian bacon on top, taking care to lay at least one piece per slice. Sprinkle cheese across pizza making sure to maintain a 1/2-in. crust. Carefully crack the eggs onto the pizza, leaving the yolks whole.
  6. Land the pizza in the raw landing zone of the oven and turn the flame to a cooking flame, a flame height of about 10 inches.
  7. Once the pizza begins to color nicely on the side closest to the flame, rotate 180 degrees into the finishing zone.
  8. Remove the pizza from the oven once the top and bottom are nicely browned and evenly colored. Cool on a screen to reduce sweating, then transfer to a cutting board and serve.

Coal-Fired East Coast Dough

Designed specifically for our Coal-Fired Pizza Oven, this dough allows you to replicate the original North American pizza experience using Wood Stone’s modern oven technology.  This longer mix time over develops the gluten and strength slightly helping to create a very extensable dough that with the addition of lard makes for a crisp, flaky, tender crust when properly baked. Yield 27 lbs.
Direction Ingredient Brand and/or Description Quantity Metric Baker's %
A Water 9.5 lbs. 4.3 kg. 63.3
B Old Dough (yesterday's) Tear into pieces 1 lbs. .45 kg. 6.6
C Flour General Mills All Trumps 15 lbs. 6.8 kg. 100
C Yeast SAF instant 2 tsp. 6.2 g. 0.09
C Barley Malt 1 ½ tsp. 5 g. 0.07
C Egg Whole 9 ea. 9 ea. 7.5
C Salt Table Salt 3.5 oz. 103 g. 1.5
D Oil Canola 10 oz. 296 g. 4.35
D Shortening or lard 2 oz. 59 g. 0.87
A Put in mixing bowl*
B Add pieces of old dough to water.
C Add the flour, then the remaining dry ingredients. Mix for 30 seconds.
D Add oil and and shortening and mix for 2 minutes. Check Bowl Characteristics*.
Continue mix on low speed (1) until gluten window is slightly over-developed.
This would be about 21 minutes for this dough.
F Cover and rest the dough for 15-20 minutes. Weigh, shape, and refrigerate.
The dough should take on a shiny, smooth appearance.
Let dough rest 10-20 minutes. Weigh and shape dough.
Refrigerate the dough for at least 12-16 hours at 36-39 degrees F.
Dough is at its best between 36-48 hours
Remove from refrigerator, allow minimum 1 hour before baking.
Do not let dough double in size, rotate back to refrigerator 
*Bowl Characteristics: At about 2 minutes the dough should be releasing from the sides of the bowl but still be sticking to the bottom. If it is too wet and sticking to the bottom add a little more flour. If the dough is too dry and clinging only to the hook add more water.