Trailered Oven - Mt. Adams 5'


Designed as a solution for catering and special events, the Wood Stone Trailered Oven is the perfect mobile stone hearth oven. Based on the popular Mount Adams Stone Hearth Oven, the Trailered Oven features 15 square feet of cooking surface and a beautiful radiant gas flame. Powered by propane, the oven is equipped with four, 30-pound propane tanks, providing enough fuel for approximately 12-15 hours of running time. A self-contained collapsible chimney assembly takes care of the ventilation. Featuring a 4-inch thick monolithic hearth and dome, cast from Wood Stone’s proprietary ceramic designed for high temperatures, the Trailered Oven is built to last in the USA and arrives fully assembled and ETL listed.

Trailered Oven - Mt. Adams 5' Gallery