Cascade GFR w/Broiler


For those who need the production power and flavor profiles of a rotisserie, but without the challenges of solid fuel, the Cascade Gas-Fired Rotisserie is a capable and consistent option. Loadable from the front and rear, the Cascade can handle up to 42 chickens on six standard spit locations. Optionally, the spit capacity can be expanded to ten to increase the capacity. A constant-drip water bath fights grease flare-ups and makes cleaning easy. A potent radiant gas burner provides the visual appeal of real fire, while an overhead IR burner bolsters its cooking power. The Montague Legend Charbroiler incorporates eight individually controlled zones. It also includes a full width debris screen under the burners as well as a full width flare-up reducing drip tray. This rotisserie with charbroiler is tough to beat!

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