Barrel Roasting Oven


A unique offering designed to the specification of Trader Vic’s, masters of the original Mai Tai, the Barrel Roasting Oven is a modern take on ancient wood-fired cooking tradition. The Barrel Roasting Oven features a well-insulated, barrel-shaped cooking chamber and firebox, both cast from Wood Stone’s proprietary ceramic materials that create a “deep heat sink” of cooking energy. The Barrel Roasting Oven is a versatile cooking environment, capable of cold and hot smoking, roasting, and even broiling depending on the amount of fuel used. Food can be hung inside the chamber or cooked on the already-included stainless-steel grill grate. Wrapped with an expanded metal mesh, the oven is ready for field application of stucco mix (by others), allowing a huge variety of potential finishes.

Barrel Roasting Oven Gallery