Bistro Line Ovens

We make traditional stone hearth ovens in four sizes, with cooking or baking surfaces ranging from 7 sq. ft. to 45 sq. ft. These are the perfect artisan pizza ovens for any small or large kitchen. Each oven is available as wood-fired, wood and gas combination ovens, and gas-fired ovens. No matter which size or fuel scenario you prefer, Wood Stone ovens facilitate high volume, high quality food and bread preparation. Our pizzeria and grocery store customers enjoy using this series of artisan pizza oven as their kitchen work horse for cooking unique artisan pizza and baking artisan bread products for their patrons.

Bistro Line Floor Plans

Bistro Floor Plan

Bistro Line Hearth Pizza Capacities

8" pizzas 10" pizzas 12" pizzas 16" pizzas
Bistro 3030 4 2-3 1 n/a
Bistro 4343 8 6 4 2
Bistro 4355 9-12 9 6 4
Bistro 4836 8 6 4 1-2