Decorative Flame

Decorative FlameAdd more beautiful visual flare to your Fire Deck oven with the optional Decorative Flame Burner.

Standard Fire Deck Series models are available in a variety of burner and fuel configurations. The standard unit has flame locations on one or both side ends of the unit, as well as a thermostatically controlled Underfloor IR burner beneath the oven deck. The Decorative Flame burner is located in the center rear of the oven, and adds a direct front-facing visual flame.

The Decorative Flame measures 20″ long and 5″ deep. For custom series Fire Decks equipped with a Decorative Flame Burner, the Decorative Flame turns on automatically when the oven controller is turned on.

Decorative Flames are available for all Fire Deck sizes and are available in natural gas and propane configurations. Note: Adding a Decorative Flame to an oven will slightly reduce available hearth capacity.

Make sure to add the Decorative Flame to your Fire Deck 6045 or 8645 at time of order as they must be fitted at the factory. Other Fire Deck models made after 2008 can be retrofitted in the field to include a Decorative Flame.

You can also find this information on our Fire Deck Series Decorative Flame PDF file.