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03.29.11 //Recipe: Margherita Pizza

Makes 1 ea. Named for Italy’s beloved Queen Margherita di Savoia, this tomato, basil, and mozzarella pizza was created in 1889 by pizzaioli Raffaele Esposito of Naples. With colors that commemorated the // READ MORE


Wood Stone Cooks Up Local Spot Prawns and Yokeko Oysters

Wood Stone had the chance to cook some local spot prawns and Yokeko oysters during a test kitchen visit in a Bistro 3030. For the Spot Prawns we heated a stainless pan in // READ MORE


Wood Stone Rotisseries, GREAT for Peruvian Chicken

As cultures continue to find their way into North America we continue to enjoy the impact through food. It’s refreshing to enjoy food prepared and cooked from a different culture. One of those // READ MORE