Air-Cooled Viewing Windows

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Wood Stone offers a safe and attractive viewing window option for most of our ovens. The Air-Cooled Viewing Window (45.48″ W x 21.85″ H) incorporates a multi-layer design that helps to cool the outer glass surface. The viewing window assembly allows for the installation of a facade wall, by others, in a similar fashion to our other facade extension options. The durable and heat resistant ceramic-glass sections can be removed for cleaning. While the temperatures found on the outer surface will usually be safe enough to touch, we do recommend that the oven be installed in such a manner that the window is not located where it is within easy reach of curious customers. Also, it’s important to be aware that there is an approximate loss of 10-15% in production with adding the Air-Cooled Viewing Window.  Note: This option is not recommended for ovens burning solid fuel due to potential sooting issues encountered on the glass with wood burning applications.

CAUTION: The Air-Cooled Viewing Window is designed to provide a window assembly that is much cooler than the oven internal temperature. However, be aware that when in operation, temperatures on the external glass and frame can range from 120 °F to nearly 200 °F. Surfaces above 140 °F can cause burns. A Wood Stone oven is a high temperature commercial appliance. Care should be taken when designing an installation utilizing a Viewing Window to minimize the opportunity for anyone to directly contact the Viewing Window glass or frame while the oven is in operation or hot. In many cases a barrier (by others) will be necessary to ensure a safe installation.

Mountain Series Models

For Mountain Series ovens, the Air-Cooled Viewing Window is available with either a flat-faced frame, or a curved faced frame. Like a secondary oven opening for the MS-5 (Mt. Adams) ovens, the viewing window may be located at 120, 180, or 240 degrees relative to the primary oven opening (see illustration below). For MS-6 (Mt. Baker) and MS-7 (Mt. Rainier) ovens, the viewing window may be  located at 90, 120, 180, 240 or 270 degrees (see illustration below)Note: If the flame will be located in front of the window of the oven, the window will be EXTREMELY hot and an additional barricade will need to be installed on the exterior to prevent passerbys from touching the glass.




MS-6 & MS-7

Also, the Air-Cooled Viewing Window is not available as an option for the MS-4 (Mt. Chuckanut) oven. Air-Cooled Viewing WindowsFire Deck ModelsFor Fire Deck ovens, the Air-Cooled Viewing Window may be located on the rear face of the oven.6045 Viewing Window Designer SeriesAn Air-Cooled Viewing Window is also available for our Custom Designer Series ovens. Contact us for dimensions.